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Speed was a sports-oriented cable and satellite television network that was owned by the Fox Sports Media Group division of 21st Century Fox. The network was dedicated to motorsports programming, including auto racing, as well as automotive-focused programs. Although the channel was based in the United States (its headquarters were located at University Research Park in Charlotte, North Carolin...


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely poor management. Under qualified people promoted quickly. If you were good at your job you were in a way punished and held to that position for extremely long period of time."


"No room for advancement, poor management."

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No room for growth. overall its ok. learned about editing and building a show but its hard to learn other things there.free foodlong hours, cliches, no growth"

Scheduling Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I've worked in 2 different departments here over the course of 11 years, and I can say that the TV production department is not something that I would recommend. Management does not care about your concerns about your job, and in my case, my career was stifled by my immediate boss. He's not a good person or manager. However, in the scheduling/operations department it was like a dream come true. Management treats you like a human being, they're understanding and the hours are wonderful. healthcareProduction management"

Alysa Tarrant says

"Absolutely terrible customer service. I went on to make sure that it was the correct service for my needs and when I wanted something clarified, the answer was, "this has been available on the internet since the 90s. You're welcome"."

Thomas Andersen says

"Selling non-working proxys for my purpose, claims they will refund, but didnt happen for the last 14 days, and they keep saying they did to stall it."

deusex says

"They sell non working proxies then replace them with another non working product."

Sam DT says

"Very poor customer support. Proxies are not available every now and then, if you report it to them, nothing is done about it. When you get fed up and you tell them, be prepared for replies like this: 'we won't be able to fix it' 'yeah, sorry to hear that' Joel and his sarcastic replies. That's not how you treat customers. Don't go with this company, better options out there!"

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